Matrix Software

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Graco Matrix Wireless Oil Dispense Tracking and Bulk Tank Monitoring. Fluid management system.


Choose From Three Levels of Matrix Software

Select your level of software. Software platforms using the Matrix meter include Basic, Professional and Premier. See the chart below to see which level is right for you.

Feature Highlights

• E-mail feature automatically advises personnel to refill tanks
• Create customized reports and export them as Microsoft® Excel files
• Automatically advise oil distributors and oil recylers service is needed
• Security controlled password by the System Administrators
• System parameters can be customized to each application
Matrix Software Features

System components include management software, Transceiver, Matrix Meter, Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM). Together, these components wirelessly talk to each other through an RF signal to collect data from fluid dispenses, levels in bulk oil and waste tanks, plus much more!

Graco Matrix


  • Wireless transmission and reception of meter and tank level information make it simple to track your entire facility’s activities
  • Customize to fit your business–three product platforms (Basic, Professional, and Premie) to fit any size facility
  • Multi-level security to protect your assets
  • Precise measurement and control of fluids ensures profits and eliminates out of stock issues for critical inventory
  • ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds interfaces provide secure, reliable, data transfer between the Matrix database and the dealership management software