Avoid air compressor maintenance problems

Maintain the correct oil level for you compressor and change the oil according to schedule. Use a sharpie marker to mark the date you last changed the oil and the date the next oil change is due next to the sight glass. When you go too long without an oil change the oil will breakdown and costly damage to the air pump can result. You can compare the price of oil to a new compressor pump.

  • Change air filter elements to prevent contamination from entering the compressed air system. Clogged air filter elements will cause the air compressor to use more energy to draw air into the compressor system and this will increase your operating energy costs and increase wear on your equipment.
  • Checking hoses for damage and leaks will reduce energy waste and compressor operating cycles. Increased compressor cycle starts require greater amperage draw which increases your energy costs.
  • Inspect vibration pads and replace as needed because vibration can create heat, damage parts, and shorten equipment life.
  • The air dryer indicator should be functioning in the green zone otherwise moisture and contamination may enter the air lines and damage downstream components.
  • Check the coalescing filter for replacement as it has a useful life. When it’s life cycle has expired it cannot properly remove fluid and moisture contaminants.
  • Ensure lubricators contain lubricant or downstream components may not receive proper lubrication and fail prematurely.
  • Check the automatic tank drain for operation because these drains can fail and the air tank can fill with water and you may find the compressor is always running because the air tank is holding more water than the specified amount of air.
  • Inspect, adjust, and replace drive belts for proper tension because belts that are too loose or too tight will require the compressor motor to work harder and increase energy costs for the specified amount of air it can produce.
  • Testing the compressor motor amp load before and after your maintenance procedure can give a measure of improved energy efficiency.

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