33505-55 Oil-Aluminum Diaphragm Pump

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33505-55 Oil-Aluminum Diaphragm Pump

1:1 diaphragm pumps suitable to transfer high quantity of fluids such as: oil, waste oil, antifreeze, windshield washing liquid, water, etc. Wet part in Polypropylene or Aluminum. Size available from 1/2″ to 1.1/2″


Pump material Aluminum
Membrane material NBR High Nitrile
Ball valve material Hytrel
Compatible fluids Water, mineral-vegetable oils, diesel oil
Air inlet connection 3/8” NPT (f)
Fluid inlet-outlet connection Suction tube 1.34″ – 3/4″ NPT (f)
Air working pressure 30 – 90 psi
Air max. pressure 120 psi
Max. air consumption 120 psi 30 cfm
Noise level 75 dB
Suction tube length 48.8″
Max solids diameter 0.06”
Suitable for drums or tanks tank – max height 48″