237498 Repair Kit for Graco Fireball 300 5:1 Pump – 203876

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Pump Lower Kit available for 5:1 Fireball Universal Pump #203876
In order to determine which kit to use with the 5:1 Fireball Universal pump #203876, you will need to determine the “Series Number” of the pump.


237498 Repair Kit for repairing the Graco Fireball 300 5:1 Ratio

The “Series Number” will resemble the following: “C98L” and is found on the same riveted plate where you found the pump part number 203876. The first letter of the “Series Number” tells when the pump was made.

First letter

A – January G – July
B – February H – August
C – March I – September
D – April J – October
E – May K – November
F – June L – December


The center numbers represent the year the pump was manufactured.
The last letter is the actual “Series” of the pump.

In the above example C98L, the pump was made in March of 1998 and the pump is a Series L.

Using the “Series” of the pump, make your kit selection from below:

Pump Series Air Motor Kit Pump Lower Kit
L,M,N or P 238286*
K (After 1995) 206728 237498
A-K (Prior 1995) 206728 206924

*One kit will repair both the air motor and lower pump.

This kit is the 237498 Repair Kit for L Series pumps.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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Air Motor & Lower Kit  238286*

Air Motor Only               206728

Lower Kit Only               206924

Air Motor Clips               172866

Air Motor Springs           167585