239888 Fire-Ball 300 Pump (400Lb)

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239888 Fire-Ball 300 50:1 Pump fits a 400lb Grease Drum


239888 Fire-Ball 300 Pump

The 239888 Fire-Ball 300 Pump fits a 400lb 50:1 Stationary or Topper-Inductor Drum
It’s perfect for high pressure grease dispense!

Non-corrosive air motor design (metal parts mad of SST, aluminum and chrome) for longer life
No metal to metal contact provides longer pump life and withstands harsh environments
Double-acting pump provides smooth fluid flow
Few moving parts translates into low maintenance and low cost of ownership
Robust grease inlet cage withstands the most abusive handling

Typical Application
High pressure, medium volume grease dispense
Automotive dealerships
Heavy duty dealerships
Fast lube centers
Fleet service facilities
Service shops
Lube trucks

Typical Fluids Handled
Grease up to NGLI #2



Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 10 × 10 in