Alemite 8592 Used Fluid Drain (King Oil)

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Alemite 8592 Used Fluid Drain (King Oil)

Alemite 8592 Used Fluid Drain can be used for collecting fluids from beneath lift-mounted vehicles. Developed for use with diaphragm pumps and other used fluid collection and transfers systems, its upright design features a 26-gallon reservoir molded from high-strength, chemical-resistant polyethylene for lighter weight, reduced corrosion and lower risk of damage to surrounding vehicles. Its 18″ offset funnel includes a removable metal filter screen and secondary debris screen, and the funnel height can be adjusted from 53″ to 79″. The reservoir provides large, recessed pockets for convenient tool and used filter storage.

APPLICATION: Collection of used fluids including motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant from under lift-mounted vehicles
• Heavy-duty 26-gallon tank is molded of durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant polyethylene
• Durable 4 in. swivel casters and 10 in. fixed-axle wheels are resistant to shop chemicals and run smoothly across rough shop floors
• Large 17 in. diameter offset funnel rotates to catch streaming oil and includes a removable filter screen
• Funnel height adjusts from 50 to 75 inches
• A 3/4 in. male camlock style connector extends from the top of the tank for quick, clean fluid extraction using a diaphragm pump or other fluid transfer system.
• Large handles on the front and back make the drain easy to maneuver into position
• Three large pocket recesses are ideal for allowing used filters to drain, and for storing vital tools and drain plugs
• Built-in, easy-to-read fluid level sight gauge
• 26-gallon (98 liter) reservoir with fluid level sight gauge, 3/4 in. male camlock connector, and three pocket recesses
• Two 4 in. swivel casters and two 10 in. fixed-axle wheels
• 17 in. diameter offset funnel with removable filter

This drain is ideal for large multi-bay shops and applications or environments where movement is restricted.

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Weight 79 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 26 × 42 in


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