Diaphragm Pump Oil-Aluminum 32/2011NHH2-55

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Diaphragm pumps for automotive

1:1 diaphragm pumps suitable to transfer high quantity of fluids such as: oil, waste oil, antifreeze, windshield washing liquid, water, etc. Wet part in Polypropylene or Aluminum. Size 3/8 inlet and discharge”


Pump material Aluminum
Membrane material NBR High Nitrile
Ball valve material Hytrel
Compatible fluids Water, mineral-vegetable oils, diesel oil
Air inlet connection 3/8” NPT (f)
Fluid inlet-outlet connection 3/4” NPT (f/f)
Air working pressure 30 – 90 psi
Air max. pressure 120 psi
Max. air consumption 120 psi 30 cfm
Noise level 75 dB
Suction tube length
Max solids diameter 0.06”
Suitable for drums or tanks modular