Catlow Elite 3/4″ Automatic Nozzle CATNENL

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The Elite series of automatic nozzles establishes a new standard for vehicle refueling. The lightweight, single body sand cast aluminum construction produces a smooth working, rugged nozzle specifically designed for endurance.

The Elite Prepay nozzle is specifically designed for self-service or card-lock systems. The no-pressure, no-flow feature enables the station operator to control the dispensing of fuel while the customer has the convenience of a one-hand hold-open mechanism for effortless dispensing.

Both of these nozzles will meet the demands of the self-serve station.

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Catlow  Elite 3/4″ Automatic Nozzle CATNENL



  • One-hand hold-open mechanism
  • UL/ULC Listed
  • Splash shield included with each new nozzle
  • Mates with all standard 5/8″ and 3/4″ hoses
  • BSPT and BSPP threads available upon request
  • All nozzles available as Self Serve (S)
  • Attitude Device (AD) available upon request
  • All major oil company colors available
  • Custom logo available upon request




  • Spout is easily replaced on location
  • Full scuff guard protects the nozzle and the vehicle while insulating the user’s hand
  • Completely rebuildable
  • One year warranty




  • CNLS Elite/Elite Prepay N/L Spout Assembly
  • CLS Elite/Elite Prepay Lead Spout Assembly
  • CFCxx Elite Full Cover
  • C11Bxx Elite Prepay Full Cover
  • C376xx Round Splash Shield (Injection Molded)
  • To denote color of cover or splash shield add color code (xx)
  • i.e. CFCBK denotes a black cover or C376BK denotes a black splash shield




  • 3/4″ Single body, sand cast aluminum construction
  • Lever and handguard is Super-Tuff Glass Filled Nylon
  • N/L Spout-13/16″ OD Aluminum
  • Lead Spout-15/16″ OD Aluminum
  • O’rings and Seals are Viton™
  • Weighs 2.2 lbs.




  • NENL Elite N/L, New
  • NEL Elite Lead, New
  • NEPNL Elite Prepay N/L, New
  • NEPL Elite Prepay Lead, New
  • RENL Elite N/L, Rebuilt
  • REL Elite Lead, Rebuilt
  • REPNL Elite Prepay N/L, Rebuilt
  • REPL Elite Prepay Lead, Rebuilt