Raasm Fluid Evacuator 43084-55

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Air operated drains, ideal for quick oil change of any motor vehicle. Suitable for extracting more than 2 gallons from trucks, tractors, and heavy vehicles. The waste oil is extracted from the engine by means of the probes supplied. After depressurization the drain works independently without requiring continuous connection to the compressed air system. Extract hot oil at 155 – 180 deg F.

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Raasm Fluid Evacuator 43084-55


  • Waste oil drain with wheel-mounted 21.1 gal tank
  • 7′ suction hose
  • Great for cars, boats, motorcycles and small engines
  • Vacuum-charged units are completely portable and easy to use
  • Tank capacity: 21.1 gal
  • Max draining capacity: 16.4 gal
  • Depressurization time:2 min
  • Total suction capacity: 15-16 gal
  • Max pressure for draining: 7 psi