Flexeel Coilhose Pneumatic 1/4″-200psi.

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Available Sizes:

  • 1/4″
  • 3/8″
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Flexeel Reinforced Polyurethane is an extremely flexible coil with excellent memory, a small bend radius, and a tight coil diameter that reduces work and storage space.

Flexeel Coil is the original reinforced polyurethane coil. This hose is extremely lightweight and is extruded with an inner-layer, a layer of reinforced braiding, and an outside jacket. This extrusion process yields an “integral piece” that ensures the integrity of the hose over long periods of use. All of this yields a strong, durable hose with an increased working pressure.

These units are equipped with reusable fittings that allow in-field repairs if necessary. Flexeel Coils feature straight sections measuring 16″ at the tool end, and 8″ at the supply end, eliminating the need for an additional whip hose.

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1/4", 3/8"