Aluminum FPT 3 Port Manifold

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 Aluminum FPT 3 Port Manifold

1/2″FPT x 1/2″FPT x 1/2″FPT x 1/2″FPT (Female Pipe Thread)

The complete solution

Aluminum FPT 3 Port Manifold for Quick Line is the perfect solution

for compressed air and under pressure fluids plants.

• Easy & Quick
• Versatile & Compatible
• Lowest Pressure Drop
• Corrosion Free

Air Quality and Maintenance
Thanks to our 100% aluminum fittings, quality of the air is constant from the compressor to all the user’s tools. The lower roughness of the inside pipes surface allows an optimal flow and thanks to the quality of fittings and to their strong resistance costs for maintenance will be strongly reduced.


Thanks to the AL Quick Line you can reduce by 45% the installation time compared to traditional materials.


Easy to install thanks to the innovative Quick Line technology, the insertion of the pipes and the use of components in
direct connection will allow you to create your plant in a few simple steps.


The durability of this product combined with their corrosion-free treatments guarantees a unique and comprehensive system. The study of shapes and materials also ensures acceptable pressure drop and no air leaks, thus resulting in an energy savings.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3 in