46215-55 RAASM Waste Oil Drain

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46215-55 RAASM Waste Oil Drain

Heavy-Duty Waste Oil Drain / Evacuation w/ Cantilever Basin

Air-operated with large pantograph collection bowl (13.2 gal) and wheel mounted (30.4) gal tank. The waste oil is drained by gravity with floor tray or raised for trucks placed on auto lifts or pit, or by suction with probes supplied. After depressurization the 46215-55 RAASM Waste Oil Drain works without requiring continuous connection to the compressed air system. Extract hot oil at 155-180 deg F.


  • Safe removal of waste fluids through dipstick probes or by placing the cantilever basin beneath the truck or heavy equipment
  • Large 30.4-gallon steel tank with 30 gallon evacuation capacity
  • High-capacity 13.2-gallon cantilever basin (61.4″ total unit height)
  • Tank-mounted oil-level sight gauge
  • Removable tool tray
  • 7′ suction hose with probe connection



  • Evacuation Capacity: 30 Gallons
  • Basin Capacity: 13.2 Gal.


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Weight 151 lbs


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