225016 Fire-Ball 300 Pump Kit (400Lb)

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225016 Fire-Ball 300 Pump Kit


225016 Fire-Ball 300 Pump Kit

225016 Fire-Ball 300 Pump Kit :
400lb drum pump with cover, Follower plate and hoses
Fire-Ball 300, 50:1 Air-Operated Piston Pumps


Features and Benefits:

Non-corrosive air motor design (metal parts madeof SST, aluminum and chrome) for long life
No metal-to-metal contact provides longer pump life and with stands harsh environments
Double-acting pump provides smooth fluid flow
Few moving parts translates into low maintenance and low cost of ownership
Robust grease inlet cage with stands the mostabusive handling

Typical Application:

High pressure, medium volume grease dispense
Automotive dealerships
Heavy duty dealerships
Fast lube centers
Fleet service facilities
Service shops
Lube trucks

Typical Fluids Handled:

Grease up to NGLI #2


Additional information

Weight 110 lbs