Portable Nitrogen Tire Inflation System MAH4558002400

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Requiring no moving parts, these systems are maintenance-free and offer:

  • Automatic programming function
  • Dual settings for either 95% or 98% Nitrogen purity
  • Complete service in under seven minutes
  • Ability to inflate up to six tires at once
  • On-board new tire inflation hose
  • Rechargeable battery for easy portability
  • High-visibility LCD and analog gauges

Key products in the NitroPRO line:

  • NTF-515 Series Nitrogen Tire Inflation System is the NitroPRO series flagship machine and offers the greatest number of standard features and more service capability than all other NitroPRO models.
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Nitrogen inflation systems help drivers save money on gas as they imporve tire life, safety, and performance. NitroPRO membrane technology is an “upsell” that allows shops to offer these benefits to their customers.

Additional information

Weight 185 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 49 in


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