NTF515 Portable Nitrogen Tire Inflation System

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NTF515 Portable Nitrogen Tire Inflation System-15 gallon tank/5.1 SCFM

RTI’s simple NitroPRO® membrane technology requires no moving parts to generate nitrogen. Translation: easy and routine maintenance. Plus, our exclusive NitroPro membrane technology can generate up to 98% nitrogen purity, with consistent purity ratings over the life of the membrane.

Your customers will:

  • Save on gas
  • Improve tire life
  • Improve safety

Increase performance – Your shop will:

  • Increase profits
  • Increase add-on sales
  • See more repeat business

Stop buying bottles of Nitrogen, and make your own

The professional’s choice for nitrogen tire inflation. The NTF-515 is the NitroPRO® series’ flagship machine and offers the greatest number of standard features and more service capability than all other NitroPRO® models. Major features include: . Dual settings for either 95% or 98% N2 purity . Automatic operation with up to 6 tire simultaneous fill . Super-fast service times; 7 minutes for 6 tires . Battery powered inflation controller for unit portability . NitroPRO® membrane performs consistently over a wide temperature range and will not deteriorate in cool garage environments. All NitroPRO® polymer membranes are fully aged and stabilized before factory shipment to maximize and maintain NitroPRO®’s high nitrogen purity and generation performance for many years to come. NitroPRO® is a large-bore membrane. That means the membrane fiber is less susceptible to contamination. 

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Dimensions 22 × 20 × 49 in

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