NTF-60 Plus Nitrogen Tire Inflation System

$10,400.00 $5,200.00


  • air supply: 100 to 150 psi required
  • electrical: rechargeable battery operates auto-fill


110 – 120VAC, 50/60 hz power required for re-charge
Low battery indicator included
  • tires per hour: 87 tires
  • storage tank capacity: 60 gallons
  • hose: coiled green air hose – 18 feet working length
  • membrane capacity: 5.1 scfm
  • dimensions: 52 h x 20 w x 27.5 d inches
  • weight: 243 lbs
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The NTF-60 Plus Nitrogen Tire Inflation System is a stationary high-volmue, on-demand nitrogen generation work horse. RTI’s single fill routine including its unique 3-step deflate, vacuum and fill process is used in this model in conjunction with a much larger capacity large-bore membrane and larger capacity reservoir to handle high volume nitrogen generation requirements.

NitroPRO nitrogen production and delivery systems generate on-demand nitrogen using shop air and feature an on-board storage reservoir, triple filtration system for system purity and membrane longevity and automatic shut-off for less air compressor on-time.



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