HawkEye Elite Alignment Machine – Hunter

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Hunter’s HawkEye Elite is the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market.


HawkEye Elite Alignment Machine

Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to matching the productivity and profit enhancing power of the HawkEye Elite wheel alignment machine.

Hunter’s HawkEye Elite is the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market today, using four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors.

QuickGrip® adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage. The Hawkeye Elite® wheel alignment system can show alignment results in just 70 seconds. Say goodbye to wasted shop time and obsolete wheel alignment machines by adding the top-of-the-line HawkEye Elite wheel alignment machine to your shop today.

Things To Consider:

  1. Does the Alignment Machine have a OBD2 Interface?
    An increasing number of modern vehicles have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traction control and many others. These systems can be affected by mechanical wheel alignment adjustments. This has led many manufacturers to require electronic resets for these systems, after a mechanical alignment is performed. Does the wheel aligner you are considering allow you to meet these safety requirements?
  2. Does the Alignment System have Vehicle Protection Features?
    Does the equipment protect the wheel and rest of the vehicle from damage? Can it handle the range of vehicles you will see in your facility? Does it reference a solid, adjustable vehicle surface like the wheel? Make sure you consider the overall vehicles protection when choosing a wheel aligner.
  3. Does the Alignment Machine offer Vehicle-Specific Procedures?
    Vehicle manufacturers have set specific alignment specifications for every vehicle. Some wheel aligners know what adjustments are available and guide the technician through the correct procedure for alignment adjustments.
  4. Does the Alignment Machine offer Training Assistance?
    Even the most experienced technician may see unfamiliar vehicles at times. Knowing what adjustments are available and how to use them can save valuable time. Advanced wheel alignment machines also offer on-board video and animations to assist the technician.
  5. Does the wheel aligner have cutting-edge Software/Tools?
    Measuring camber, caster, & toe are important, but does the wheel alignment equipment you are considering feature any software tools to make common adjustments easier, reducing the skill and effort required to complete the wheel alignment on common vehicles?
  6. Is the Wheel Aligner Efficient?
    You only get paid for the wheel alignments you complete. While wheel aligners are designed to complete the job, some do it more efficiently than others. How long does it take to get accurate measurements with this wheel aligner? How long does it take to complete the wheel alignment? The answers to these questions are often greatly affected by the wheel aligner’s software and hardware.
  7. Does the Aligner have Vehicle Manufacturer Approval?
    Knowing the job was done correctly is important. In the equipment world, vehicle manufacturers test equipment to ensure it is capable of measuring vehicles to the appropriate level of accuracy. Has the equipment been tested and approved by any third party, such as the vehicle manufacturers?
  8. Does the manufacturer have proven service capabilities?
    Even the best equipment will need service, whether it is a maintenance checkup or a repair. Who provides service for the equipment? What is their typical response time? Do they have expert support in your community?
  9. Is the Aligner Upgradable?
    Is the equipment able to grow with your business and be easily upgraded, or is it a piece that is forever stuck in time, like most shop equipment today?
  10. Is the Wheel Alignment Machine for sale proven to provide ROI?
    Many times, a wheel alignment machine is the most expensive piece of equipment a shop purchases, but it can also have one of the fastest returns on investment. Consider the true time of return on investment that can be affected by many of the factors above.